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CONTEST “Gioco e Giocattolo di tradizione”
(the game and the traditional toy)

The association “Lo Strummolo” with the sponsorship of the Salerno Province and the Campania Region organises the second edition of the contest dedicated to the traditional games and toys and presents the second edition of the international Festival“Gioco e giocattolo di tradizione” (the game and the traditional toy).

Historical Note

In 1993 the Massicelle Museum of the “Poor Toy” was born in the Massicelle fraction of the Montano Antilia council. This came as the final result of the interest shown by some children of the “Istituto Comprensivo” during the organising of an historical research. The focus of the research was on the knowledge of the simplest aspects of their ancestors’ life (how they dressed, what they ate and most of all what did they do in their spare time. The research was lead by their teachers and in particular Santina Luongo, Amalia Merola, Angelina Serra (also director of the museum) with the contribution of the psycho pedagogue Claudia Perlmuter. The idea of the contest was born from the museum with the intention of spread this interest towards the gaming aspects of the popular tradition and offers a landmark to the many that occupy themselves with the valorising of these phenomenons.
In 2006, after the experience of the first edition of the Festival, the association “Lo Strummolo” was founded by public offices and local associations. This organisation has the final scope of organising the Contest, the Festival and all the projects for the promotion of the territory which are connected to it.


· To whom it is addressed
Pupils of the classes III, IV & V of the Italian primary and I degree secondary schools or of equivalent school level in other countries.

· How does it work
The contest has two sections: 

1. The Game
Participants have to prepare a game which roots in the popular tradition or is inspired by it. It must be possible to play the game “live” with one or more players. Participants can consult “informants” of the traditional world. The description of the game’s rules must be produced in written with the possible support of images such as video, pictures or drawings within the set deadline and abiding to the modalities specified in the present set of rules. The organising Committee will select the best proposals among the best which will be presented during the Festival by the Pupils; if not they will be excluded.

2. The Toy
Participants are required to project and realise a toy using natural and/or recycled material. Participants can consult “informants” of the traditional world. The projecting and working phases must be documented with video or photos.
The toys participating will not be rendered. The organisers reserve for themselves to choose, among the finalists, the toys which will be acquired by the Museum of the “Poor Toy” of Massicelle.

· The prizes
For each of the two categories in the contest there will be assigned money prizes. These are for the first, second and third classified respectively three thousand, two thousand and one thousand Euro. All the participants will be obliged with a little present.

· Who chooses the winners
The delivered material will be selected by the organising Committee which will choose a number of games and toys to submit to the evaluation of the Juries. The Juries that will choose the winners of the two section during the manifestation and assign the final prizes will be composed by pupils of the schools of the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano and participating regions. The Juries’ decision is unquestionable.

· How to participate
Each school can present maximum two games and/or two toys. A video of the game realised and an exemplar of the built toy participating to the contest along with the informative forms (See Appendix) ith the participants generalities including indication of the school and class to which they belong and the pursued objective, shall be delivered to the Scuola Elementare di Massicelle via Ciardelle, C.A.P 84060 Montano Antilia (SA) within May 30, 2007 as postmarked.

The selected school will be notified within April 15, 2007.

· Final Phase: the International Festival
The selected games and toys will be presented duringthe second editino of the International Festival “Gioco e giocattolo di tradizione” (the game and the traditional toy), which will be held in Massicelle between the 3rd and the 6th of May 2007. The participants will be welcomed in a fairy world where they will learn how to make toys, how to juggle, the arts of the artisans and will also challenge each other in the games belonging to their grandfathers.
By playing they will get to know the culture of other places of the Mediterranean and of Europe.
The school selected for the final need be present for the Festival otherwise will be excluded. All the costs for a full board accommodation will be sustained by the contest’s organisators. Travelling expenses are not covered and will be care of the participants. 

Any variation to the present set of rules will be communicated as soon to the participants.


FROM THE NORTH: A3 Salerno/Reggio C. exit in Battipaglia
and then follow Ss 18until the exit in Futani. 

FROM THE SOUTH: A3 Salerno/Reggio C. Exit Buonabitacolo
Follow until the connection to Sanza on the Ss Bussentina (direction: Salerno).

TRAIN: Rail Station “Centola-Palinuro”, connection with Montano Antilia via shuttle Bus.

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